Rooms Directories by Type

Media Classroom

The media classroom A/V standards cover the majority of classrooms at KU. Most general classrooms are lecture/discussion rooms that seat up to 99 people. Media classrooms include lecture capture capabilities and a video display with multiple content sources centrally controlled and located from a media lectern/podium with options for expansion.

Empty Media Classroom (Budig 6)


Auditorium provides displays with multiple content sources (Computer, laptop connection, document camera, DVD, and microphones for voice reinforcement) all located and controlled from a media lectern/podium. Full media auditoriums typically have lecture capture capabilities and tiered seating with a capacity greater then 90.

Wescoe 3139 Auditorium

Video Conferencing Spaces

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Videoconference room - 1001 Wescoe

Collaborative Space

Active Learning rooms promote collaborative learning, in which students work together on mobile platforms, with the ability to connect at stations and share their work electronically or on a writable surface in the room. Faculty are able to control the video displays remotely with various wired or wireless technologies enabling them to move about the learning space freely. Extra resources may be necessary and may require additional planning depending on the layout and configuration of the space which is always evolving and changing.

Collaboration Space